Big News at VYC


Some time has passed since my last important release. We know, good things come to those who wait :] Please take a minute to read the following, I would share with you my future plans for VYC.

Since Linden Labs introduced Meshes and an improved avatar skeleton -without delivering a new built-in avatar shape- lots of creators tried to deliver a more or less solid mesh avatar system. The newborn products, released to appeal the rise of high demand of Mesh Avatars, have brought more or less another additional standard, confusion, or just plan failures. A long and troubled wait was obviously necessary for a third party to handle this enormous amount of work to create the popularly demanded Avatar 2.0. #TheMeshProject is doing a great job. It’s still a beta, but actually, in my opinion, it representes the most promising solution out there, for male avatars. The customization for mesh avatars is more limited than the classic avatar, undoubtedly some points of strength like the online editing system, retro compatibility and easy updating system feel like a solid modern approach – and I must say- it’s remarkable, from a developer point of view.

Current Development

I am involved in the process of upgrading and converting my classic skins as appliers for #TheMeshProject male mesh body. From a technical point of view, Classic avatars are composed by 3 textures of 512 x 512 pixels (which is already a decent resolution). The appliers allow up to 1024 x 1024 pixels, which is actually a four times bigger surface. With a total of 3072 x 1024 pixels, we can easily name it High Definition. There is now more room for details that before was hard or worthless to implement.


The upgrading process of my skins will take some time to be completed. This because I need to rework each texture one by one. ‘Rework’? Let me explain. All my master files have a resolution ranging from 2048 x 2048 px to 4096 x 4096 px. From these files (the same files I have used to generate the 512 x 512 px textures for the classic skins) I will render the new higher resolution textures. Minor fixes are necessary though: hands, feet and belly button areas. Luckily my files are well organized and labelled! It’s also necessary to produce some completely new textures for the #TMP Style mode HUD, the small rounded previews AKA ‘swatches’. So please be patient! :] Soon I will open a poll to allow you to push my priority list and request the skin appliers you would like to see released sooner. Actually my priority list follows the best selling criteria. I might place a request board in world where you can easily request them through a form.

★NEW Pricing System

Another plan is about the introduction of a new pricing system. VYC has always been known for delivering an interesting quality/price ratio since those times where the competitors were delivering higher prices for undifferentiated, redundant products for an indistinct audience. To meet half way old and new customers, I will introduce a new pricing that should be very interesting ;] Classic avatars will stay on sale and be updated to the new pricing system.

The new pricing system will match the beginning of Skin Fair 2015.

★NEW Exclusive Release @ Skin Fair 2015

In occasion of this event, I will introduce the High Definition along with the first Newcomer, I can assure you already know him ;] The Fair will be opened to the public on March 13. At the end of the event (March 29), the new release will be moved to the main store. The quickest way to visit my booth, from the landing point of the Sim #2, turn 180 degrees, jump over the first line of stores. You will find my booth straight in front of you.

Here your landmark:

Future Releases

I do not believe Classic avatars will become completely obsolete in a short time on the main grid, indeed their demand and profitability do not have a bright future. Probably they will never become completely obsolete, but surely the interest to create them will start to fade out. My idea is to rely on #TMP appliers for the new releases to come.

As always, feel free to contact me for any question or information.

Stay in touch.


VYC ©2010-present


Author: iAntonio Vyper

Owner/Designer/CEO - V Y C - in Second Life

5 thoughts on “Big News at VYC”

  1. Hello Vee, yes its been a while but its better to take some time to make things right. I am glad you pick The Mesh Project. Since TMP started I been trying it well known that at that time they were targeting more to women. I believe that TMP body for man is really good but it has some flaws. One major for me is that is only one alpha hud provided and this is very straight. I am not saying its wrong but have in consideration that a lot of clothes are not so linear, and the cutting of the alpha, rarely fits the body, Or the clothing is ‘eaten’ by the skin or end up missing skin is rectangular shapes.
    The appliers is a good concept but takes long time to really show it and the time that takes to figure out where is the piece you are looking because there is not a clear level of what it is.
    I also have concerns with feet and hands but the head I really would not wear it as it is.
    Many times I tried it and it does not convince as is this can’t be modify. And in a short time I have seen avatars looking very similar. Eyes are one kind, they look the eyeball sunken in and the shape of the eyes is Asian, it does need more variety , the nose is small and pointy as a Barbie doll and the lips have the corners down, what does make me ask, Am I upset? I know eventually more and more appliers will come for it. But meanwhile I wear the classic avatar head with the body from TMP deluxe but in order to match the skin I have to get the classic avatar skin and TMP in the same tone which is not cheap to buy double skins and appliers.
    One thing I haven’t figure out what is the two tattoo layers and the clothing one. I been trying to see what is it for and I just can’t, seems it only takes space on my screen, because nobody has been able to tell me.
    This is not a negative criticism, it is only my personal and very way to see the product.
    As a fan of your work the only thing I can say is that we are in the road of getting The Perfect Avatar

    Casey More
    casimora resident


    1. Hi Casey,
      I’m happy you dedicated time to express your thoughts and concerns in a so detailed way. I never perceived it as a negative critic. This is the correct path to constructively collaborate for the greater good.
      I would like to reply to some interesting points you brought:
      I can talk only for my business of course, please do not consider it as self promotion. My new pricing system tries to meet half way this exact problem: some (and from what I noticed by the feeback, plenty of guys) decide to upgrade only the body and to keep their custom classic head. That way it’s easier to get tattoos , hairbases and most of all, a distinctive face in contrast with the narrow choice currently offered by TMP, and most of all, avoiding also to make useless everything one paid for in his own inventory.
      You indirectly gave me a good idea/suggestion: I might include a tattoo face for the classic avatar shape, without additional cost, obviously this is worthy in the scenario of a completely new release. It’s a bit premature to plan it. There’s already lot of meat on the fire 😉
      Basically I would prefer to go on free from boundaries in a straight path (I believe it’s the only way to truly progress), but it is actually an idea to keep in consideration, to be carefully evaulated based on the incoming feedback.

      About the #TMP rezzing speed: well, if u consider that when you press a button on your Style mode HUD some calls by scripts are involved, and there’s a built-in delay that cannot be reduced (well only LL could do it, but I doubt it might happen), so that isn’t really #TMP system’s fault. It already performs well, being a beta. Of course we can not expect a nearly real time responsiveness, expecially in crowded/laggy places.

      I understand the concerns about variety. But I also believe the customer must be involved to realize the compromises and limitations responsible for a certain tough choice. I do not want to fall into a too-much-technical discussion, but let’s quickly understand the reasons together:
      The #TMP alpha hud is made that way to avoid the alpha glitch that appears on any object with a partially transparent texture. Cutting the mesh itself it in small switchable pieces is the smartest way to do it, in my opinion. A good compromise between customizability and efficiency. But cutting it in too many pieces (to offer even more customizability) would slow down the system even more. I understand there’s a so big variety of garments, but a compromise in necessary.
      About the mistery layers and ‘upset face’: I think they work when you install an applier specifically made for them or it will probably be a feature that will be enabled in future, same for the facial expressions. Maybe a happy face by default could be sorta creepy for some! :] Side note: from a developer POV, the only mistery is why I have to mirror the swatches textures. It could be easily done by their system.
      Anyway, I haven’t had chance to investigate the body tattoo layers until now, I just saw them in the developer folder, hence my assumptions.
      For clarifications you should contact them directly.
      Thanks for the reply.
      Have a great day!



  2. Hi
    The TMP system works pretty well, but my main concern with it is that despite having the latest graphic cards, processors, good network and the correct graphic settings etc etc most people cant see your avatar. When they are able to finally see you ( rez you ) any appeal that the TMP holds has faded. I hope that TMP takes the time to address this. Secondly and I don’t want to sound like I am having a rant lol…………why go to the trouble of making a hud that functions really well but has tiny circles with no clear labelling as to what skins, hair, etc you have placed in the hud. Guessing what is in each little circle once you have purchased new skins, hairbases or whatever is tedious at best.

    Apart from that I wish success with your TMP appliers.

    JUGGALOW Foehammer


    1. Hi! Well, hardware specs and SL have never been good friends, even mid/high end machines do not guarantee the best experience 🙂 The tiny circles you mentioned are the ‘swatches’. It’s up to the designer to add some distinctive pictures there to make the browsing easier – I know it well because they gave me additional work 😀 Thanks for your kindness and your comment!


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