Ryan HD @ Skin Fair 2015

Ryan HD


▶︎ The quickest way to visit my Skin Fair  booth: from the landing point of the Sim 2, turn 180 degrees, jump over the first line of stores. You will find my booth straight in front of you.


  1. Hello again Vee, this is Casey
    I’ve been at the fair and at your booth couple of times. Of course I have your skin and I really like it a lot. My question is if I want to wear it with the regular head and TMP body, is there a skin that will match perfect together. I might have not been putting attention very much, I just had surgery and the dolls are still dancing around (dolls.,refer to “Valley of the Dolls”) Thank you very much for all your great work

    Casey More
    casimora resident


    1. Hi again!
      The best match you can get is to use the classic head with my skin and its related TMP body applier. Even if there’s one match (or more) among the 36 TMP standard tones, we are talking about 288 possible combinations to be individually tested for each skin set of mine.
      Beside this, the final look will probably look like something designed by four hands. Every designer has his distinctive shading and texturing style, it’s not only about matching the most recurrent color between two different parts. To match someone’s standard, something must be created with that in mind. There’s the possibility with a neck fader-tattoo, but the final result will be a sort of scarf that will wash out some details into a fading solid color. IMHO Time effort/result not worthy.


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