VYC | Homme – ‘VIDAR’ / / Signature Event

VYC Homme - 'VIDAR' / / Signature Event

Exclusive for Signature Event | August 1st (12PM SLT)

Note: This body skin is optimized for Signature Geralt. It includes 2 new tones (R1 and R2). The ‘R’ stands for Red, basically they are a ‘pinkier’ versions of the related regular tones. #1 and #2. VIDAR comes with a special body with a big scar on the chest. A regular version with the new tones included will be released after the event and sent out as free update to everyone who recently purchased any Combo Pack.

VIDAR Face appliers are optimized for Catwa UV mapping (shows on Stanley, they will give a good result on other Catwa heads). Omega appliers are included as well , feel free to experiment on other heads.

➔ Teleport


V Y C | H o m m e ™

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