Your blogging request is always welcome.
If you would like to be a VYC – Men’s Bodyshop’s Official Blogger, your blog and work will be your business card. Below are the requirements your blog must have, and I have also listed some guidelines and advices based on my personal experience and common sense. Rarely I might contact directly one of you if I love your work.

▪ I do not really keep in consideration your avatar’s age, your blog’s age and your visitor counter, if your work looks mature and solid enough to showcase your skill.
▪ If you introduce yourself just as a blogger, but you also run a brand or a business, your apply will be discarded.
No demands. I decide what you will blog. Do not expect to get my whole line of creations for lifetime or the latest release.
▪ Your posts, your blog and items description must be in English, which is mandatory to communicate with me (even if English is not my main language). If you use translators, your app will be discarded.
▪ Your blog must have a good 60% of posts for men. I will roughly calculate this percentage from your last 10 posts.
You must credit my products everytime you use them in your photosets, even if you have already blogged them in a previous post. Some bloggers have the bad habit to deliberately avoid crediting the Skin to stay ‘exclusive’ or because it’s ‘personal’.
▪ Please optimize your .JPG images to get a file size under 1.0 Mb. A loading time of over 3 seconds is unacceptable.
▪ I dislike fancy 3D effects, text effects and ugly serif fonts, busy backgrounds, color blocking, unnecessary widgets, teenager looking and girly styled blogs, fancy cursors, music players with autoplay. These elements were cool over a decade ago. Try to keep a neat, modern style and most of all, fast loading.
▪ Keep in mind that a slice of visitors comes from mobile devices. Be sure your blog is ‘responsive‘ and bandwidth-friendly.
▪ It’s your blog’s content that matters. Secondarily, I would prefer WordPress to Blogger/other domains.

Fill the following form to send your blogger request or to ask any further information.

If you don’t get an answer back in few days, don’t take it personally. It just means that your blog didn’t meet the requirements listed above.


▶︎ This page could change anytime, without prior notice, and it will become instantly effective.
Last edit: Oct 12, 2016 at 15:35.

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