I can create #TheMeshProject, Omega, Catwa custom appliers and every other kind of texture.

❯ If you already own the texture/s* and you want to me to package it/them as appliers, I will charge only 2000 L$ to be paid upfront. You can submit your request through this form and drop the L$ directly to iAntonio Vyper. Please write in the form your texture UUID**, the type of applier and the body part you wish to apply it to. Delivery in 48 hours. Full refund in case I will not meet the deadline.

*You need to own a fully licensed texture: you have created it by yourself, or the creator gave you a full permission license                                                  **To pick up a texture UUID from your inventory Right Click on the texture > Copy Asset UUID 

❯ If you wish to have a special a tattoo layer, a customized version of one of my products on sale  (i.e. a custom skin tone or a body modification), I will charge only 5000 L$ to be paid upfront, if your custom request doesn’t take over 3 hours of work. Upload fees included. You can submit your request through this form and drop the L$ directly to iAntonio Vyper. Delivery in 3-5 days. Full refund in case I will not meet the deadline.

❯ If your request is more complex and time consuming, the final price needs to be privately discussed. In any case, all custom works must be paid upfront.

Feel free to contact me for a free estimation through this form. You can use free tools like LightShot or Gyazo to share your screenshot links and reference images.


All custom works are intended to be used exclusively in Second Life and by default they will be shipped with -whereas not differently requested-  No MODIFY / Yes COPY / No TRANSFER permissions. In case you need a FULL PERM or a commercial license (for example, you would like to resell that certain texture in your products) my rates needs to be discussed. To give you guarantee of exclusivity, none of my Custom works will ever be set for sale ‘as it was shipped to you’ as commercial product. In case I have intention to sell it at some point, you will be informed before sealing the deal and I will accordingly adjust my rates.


When a custom creation is requested, only one unit of it will be sold, being a product that suits exclusively the needs and the taste of one client. Hence, a custom work can not be priced as a commercial product, which is potentially profitable as long as is on sale to the public: selling dozens or hundreds of it will pay back all the amount of hours of work spent to create it. Unfortunately this does not happen to a custom work. The client is charged for all the hours of time necessary to produce it. Also, the rates may vary depending on the request, since every client has different necessities, and the workflow and work hours to create a custom are never the same.



One thought on “❯ CUSTOM APPLIERS”

  1. Even tho my VYC Kenyo skin & shape is awesome for me I wanted to change my eye shape. I contacted Vee and he responded very fast and completed the job perfectly within the agreed time. If you decide to buy or customize you can be confident that the customer service is gonna be support you !


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