VYC – Men’s Bodyshop brings 100% original creations on the Second Life grid since 2011.

VYC – Men’s Bodyshop is a brand exclusively designed and managed by iAntonio Vyper, creator of skins, shapes and every type of custom texture with his unique style. VYC stands for ‘VYper Creations’, the former texture/furnitures/miscellanea company we began with. VYC – Men’s Bodyshop is heavily inspired to urban trends and city life and is a guarantee of originality and uniqueness: no templates are used during the creation process.



VYC –  Men’s Bodyshop has no resellers or satellite stores. Occasionally we may join well known Fair/Events. This case will be publicly announced via official Channels (this blog, Facebook, in the inworld group, Flickr). Our original products are exclusively sold on Marketplace and at the mainstore, To avoid clutter, I have also opened a second Marketplace store where you can find some addons and shapes.


Beware scam and please report to me individuals / companies claiming to work for us or to be authorized to sell our creations and/or derivate products, trying to offer you an item of mine for a discounted price. I try my best to monitor in-world and other grids outside Second Life and Marketplace/s. DMCA Reports and legal actions will be taken in case of Copyright infringment.

Your help is always welcome. Whereas you are find any, please:

  ➔ Contact iAntonio Vyper; give all possible informations regarding the case: infringer’s avatar name, Marketplace’s links of the unauthorized copies of my creations, and/or in world screenshots.

Supporting genuine SecondLife™’s designers will keep motivating them to offer quality products to you all.


All contents on this website are copyright of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended. Any resemblance or similarity to any real person depicted on this site is a purely coincidence and to be considered a pure creation realized through/from digital and artistical media. Second Life is a trademark of Linden Research, Inc. (more informations here). VYC – Men’s Bodyshop is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.

VYC – Men’s Bodyshop © Copyright © 2011 – present. All Rights Reserved.


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