The Neck Fixer (also known as Neck Fix, Neck Fader, Neck Sheath etc.) is a workaround that attempts to minimize the Normals misalignment at the neck joint when using mesh heads and mesh bodies from different creators. It’s a sort of ’scarf’ with a fading texture in multiple widths. The idea is to mask the neck joint, hiding the visible cut.

I can’t get it to work! What can I do?

    • Be sure you are not on Low Graphic Settings (Ctr+P to open Preferences, from the Graphic section push the slider to the right on Medium or higher)
    • Disable the neck fix that belongs to your mesh body otherwise it will overlay the one coming down from the head. If you are using a Catwa head, you can enable it from the Catwa Master Hud and choose among different sizes (the sizes amount may vary, newer heads offer more sizes). The wider size generally helps to avoid those glitchy frills showing up at the joint
    • Apply our neck fix applier in the same tone of your skin. If you are using the Omega version, be sure you are wearing the proper Omega Relay. Often Omega appliers are (very) slow, give it some seconds to show up
    • Use a Windlight without strong shadows such as CalWL, Nam’s Optimal Skin or similar and check the result. You can choose a WIndlight from your World menu bar. Bare in mind others will see you with their own Windlight settings


The faded texture can wash out or oddly warp some texture details in that area, it could be visible and unaesthetic in certain camera angles and in the end it’s like moving the problem just a bit lower, not a final solution -and it can look worse in certain Windlight conditions and Graphic settings.

*example of Catwa Master HUD you can select your neck fit here


*example of Belleza Jake HUD – select your neck fit there