How to get the RGB color


❯ VYC – Homme now includes a detailed Notecard into each Combo Pack to help you to color match avatar attachments like Aeros® genitals.

However, if you wish to manually pick a RGB value for the purpose of colour matching any avatar attachments (hands, feet, genitals, or any other editable prim or wearable) here is the general way to do it. Bare in mind that a successful colour matching depends on multiple factors, hence be armed with patience and proceeding by trial and error.  A skin or mesh attachment is generally never made of a unique solid colour, but by hundreds shades of it. The ‘RGB value’ will be only an optical approximation of the most frequent colour value concentrated in a certain skin area.

From your top menu bar, follow this menu path:

Me ❯ Preferences

This window will appear: we are going to enable the Develop menu.

Enable adv dev menu

If you are comfortable with keyboard shortcuts, you can toggle this menu off and on by hitting:

Ctrl + Alt + Q

Now follow this menu path:

Develop ❯ Show Info ❯ Show Color Under Cursor

Now you should be able to see a set of numbers in the lower right corner. The first 3 numbers are the RGB values you are looking for.

❯ Remember to discard the fourth number (the zero).

Discard last value

Now move you cursor on your avatar and place it around the area you would skin-match.

Example: if you wish to match mesh hands, place the cursor around the wrist area, in a spot where the exposed skin looks like painted with an uniform color. Slowly move your cursor around that area. Experimenting is the key: when you start to see similar values, try to use that color. Keep in mind that since you do not have control over the nature of the texture, there are multiple factors that can make the color matching pretty difficult (strong shading, detailed texturing, a noticeable shadows/highlight contrast, etc.). You can get easily a perfect color matching when both components to be jointed (skin and barefoot, as example) are designed with smooth seams, poor details, a flat and uniform color, but rarely this is the case of the modern skin design approach. In some cases, the color matching simply will not work. The best color matching solution is via Appliers.

For further informations, consider to contact the developers of both components.

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