VYC – ‘STEEL’ HD Mesh Eyes Material Enabled at MOM

VYC 'STEEL' HD Mesh Eyes Material Enabled
▶︎ Exclusive for MOM February Round [opening: Feb 20th]
❯ Materials Enabled
❯ 5 Colors options
❯ 2 Iris sizes
❯ HUD Controlled
▶︎ Teleport to ❯❯ Men Only Monthly

This is set of High Definition Mesh Eyes with Materials. This set is designed to give a manly, striking look with an high level of detail, perfect for all the lovers of gray shades with an hint of color, and for who is looking for a realistic iris without that glassy photorealistic reflections that in the SL enviroment might tipically look ‘off’.
Materials give a special shininess and bumpiness to the textures, this effect is subtle but in order to see you need to have Advanced Lighting Model enabled (tipically sliding your Graphic settings up to High/Ultra).
In the final buy the eyes will be Modify/Copy. You will be able resizing and adjusting them in position with very basic editing skills. Only one script is included (you can remove it) that allows you to selected a smaller iris size through the HUD, to fit better on certain mesh heads. The main size should already fit and appear in position on the most common mesh heads.
▶ STEEL: Gray Iris with an hint of light blue.
▶ LEAD: Medium Gray Iris. No color.
▶ CARBON: Dark Gray color. Almost black.
▶ BRONZE: A subtle shade of brown.
▶ PATINA: Gray Iris, similar to Steel with a shade of green.
▶ FATPACK: All included. You save 40%!
➔ NOTE: The Demo Eyes can’t be resized but you are allowed to play with the HUD to check all the options. If the eyes will appear inside your head, just move them forward to inspect the options before to buy.

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