VYC presents the ‘NX-Body’ | MOM May Exclusive

VYC presents the 'NX-Body'  |  MOM May Exclusive
A set of High Definition Body skin appliers specifically optimized for the new NX-Nardcotix ‘David’ Mesh body. Each option includes native Nardcotix appliers that will work without the necessity of extra relays. With the native NX-Nardcotix Appliers you will also be able to fully appreciate the custom materials esclusively designed for this skin set. In order to see the materials, you will have to slide your Graphic Setting on High or Ultra or manually enabling ‘Advanced Lighting Model’.
Also included Omega appliers in case you want to experiment with other mesh bodies, but it’s strongly recommend to use them on David body.
The 5 tones are also compatible with all VYC new Face appliers.
You can find them at the Mainstore, or checkout our Flickr stream for a rapid overview of our latest releases.
▶︎ Exclusive for MOM May Round
❯ Materials Enabled
❯ 5 Tones
❯ Optimized for NX-Nardcotix ‘David’ Mesh Body’
❯ Omega & native NX-Nardcotix Appliers included
❯ Compatible with all new VYC Face appliers
▶︎ Teleport to ❯❯ Men Only Monthly
▶ IMPORTANT: You will need an Omega Relay or Installer to use the Omega appliers with other compatible Mesh Bodies. You can find all the Omega products here.


Main Store is back up.

I have restyled the Main Store. I love simple things, sleek design, functionality.

Now It’s smaller, cleaner, it’s a mesh/prims hybrid building in a modern and minimalistic style.

Few textures were used to achieve the fastest rezzing speed possible.

All the vendors are not scripted. No unboxing is necessary.

Only the Demo givers are scripted, to give out the demos faster than the regular ‘Pay 0 L$’ classic way.

See you there!